Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet The Designer - Joanna R Wodzinska

We're continuing in revealing you our discoveries, refreshing collections of new designers and amazing places to shop. Today we are introducing talented Joanna from Poland  whose creations delighted us with femininity and elegance that can be worn by everyone and everywhere. 
Read the full interview below and take a look of the collection and shop her website -  Joanna R Wodzinska  or visit her Facebook page . 

I believe in Vogue

Tell us more about who is Joanna R Wodzinska and how was your collection created? 

I have been interested in fashion from the very beginning.
But my experience in the design/creation of things is quite recent. Although I'd say that calling myself a designer would be brave. I probably not even deserve to be called a designer:) Anyway it has started recently and it's quite a funny story by the way.

For many years I have been working in a completely different industry. After having my child, I had a bit more time, and I thought that this was the moment to do something I've been dreaming of for a long, long time.

And so, I sat down and drew the first dress – a dress I would be willing to wear myself :) and then it has started ... Then I created the next thing and another and all of a sudden the entire collection appeared

Who is your inspiration?

I wanted to create a collection that would be a combination of femininity with something wild, sexy and intriguing.
For me, the model of femininity is Brigitte Bardot. She is very sensual and feminine, but there is something mysterious in her, which makes you want to look at her all the time :). I was also inspired a little by the 20's fashion style and the punk/rock style of the 80's.
I mostly choose simple creations, which will dress women, and not disguise them.
You can see all photos on this pages, I can also send you photos in high resolution.

How do you see women wearing JRW? 

Our outfits are to emphasis what is the most beautiful in you, the women. They are intended to dress you, and not to disguise you. Their goal is to make you feel unique, sexy and feminine. They make you stand out from the crowd, and they enable you to express yourself.

The clothes are simple and elegant, yet feminine and sensual.

What next can we expect from you? 

I have ideas for at least 100 new collections :) But we will see how it will look like in the future. It depends not only on me, but mainly on the women ... whether they will be willing to wear these clothes, whether they will be happy and coming back to me. I hope so. 


  1. Beautiful designs, she deserves huge success and fame!:)

  2. Amazing photos, amazimg clothes!

    I'like to invite you at my blog:


    I hope you like it and maybe follow

  3. I love the dresses, all amazing and definitely a designer to watch out for!
    Great works girls!!!


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