Wednesday, February 25, 2015

J'Aton Couture Wedding Dresses

Recently I've heard someone saying that all wedding dresses look alike. Well, whoever came up with that hasn't heard about J'Aton Couture. Not much of a wedding person myself, but once my eyes have met with JC designs I've instantly developed a wedding crush..

Melbourne based, Jacob Luppino & Anthony Pittorino started J'Aton Couture in 1995 and have been creating wedding masterpieces ever since.With impeccable sense for details and dedication, duo has became celebrity's  Kylie and Danii Minogue, Dita Von Thesse, Charlize Theron and many others' favorite.

Internet got flooded with wedding dress of  Australian actress Jodi Gordon that took 5 people, 6 months, 300h and rumored $50.000 to create. Nothing less impressive were JC wedding gowns of Rebecca Twigeley and Nadia Bartel.

Take a look of them and tell which one is your favorite.

Jodi Gordon & Braith Anasta's Wedding


Rebecca Twigley & Chris Judd's Wedding

Nadia Coppolino & Jimmy Bartel's Wedding

Michael Jordan's wife Yvette Prieto 

 More of the J'Aton Couture Wedding Gowns

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