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Get The Look: Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is everyone's favorite mean girl. She's a girl of extremes, Serena Van Der Woodsen's frienemy, Manhattan fashionista and socialite idolized by millions of girls despite her bad attitude. No matter how she behaves, we still love her perfect sense of fashion. Queen Bee's style is sophisticated, ladylike, preppy and elegant. Fashion Is My Drug has some tips and tricks for getting her looks.

Blair's style icon: As you probably know, Blair's role model when it comes to fashion is Audrey Hepburn and she often channels Audrey in her outfits. Blair wears tiaras, hats and pearls when she wants to glam up her combinations and look classic and feminine.

Blair's wardrobe essentials: Popular Upper East Sider absolutely loves feminine dresses and skirts, she always tries to look as girly as possible. She mixes different prints, colors and shapes but she would never wear something casual or boho.

- Ruffles & puff sleeves are her favorite details, regardless of the season. If you want to add ruffles to your outfit, we suggest you to wear just one ruffled item while the rest should be plain. Of course, you're allowed to play with different styles of accessories. You can, for example, wear your ruffle outfit with oversized sunglasses and a silk scarf. Number of possibilities is unlimited!

- Lace in every form and color is one of her trademarks. It never goes out of fashion and looks great with almost everything! Queen B likes showing her perfect shaped legs in lace stockings and baby doll dresses, sometimes she even bravely wears 2 different lace prints and pulls it off like no one before.
Baby doll dresses are a must-have this season, so if you have one, wear it with pumps for a sexy but feminine look.

- Prints are a must in Blair Waldorf's wardrobe. We've noticed that B. likes floral and fruit prints on her skirts and dresses more than any other pattern, which adds a romantic touch to her everyday looks.

-Silk and chiffon blouses more than anything else in her wardrobe tell on that Blair's style is polished and preppy. They're always full of details: prints, bows, lace, ruffles, puff sleeves, buttons, collars and different kinds of belts make her blouses interesting and unusual. She always wears a blouse with shorts or skirts, and lace stockings in cold days, but you can also wear it with skinny trousers to add a personal touch.

-Vibrant colors: Don't be afraid to mix different colors in one outfit. Blair shows us that vibrant colors, such as green, orange and yellow, complement each other, so the final effect is a fresh, cheerful look.
If you're wearing a little black dress, match it with green coat and yellow tights. You can also match simple white blouse with orange skirt and yellow bag.

 -Cardigans are always a good choice. She wears whole variety of colors and designs so be brave when selecting cardigan that will make a statement. Don't be afraid of unusual ones as that's who B. is.

- Dresses: Have you ever seen Blair wearing denim? NO ! There are only few scenes when she's wearing trousers so you can forget those if you want to be like B. Have a dress for every occasion and even when you are wearing sexy one, never reveal too much as B. always remains classy.

- Tights: Wearing dresses and skirts only means you must be creative with your tights during autumn/winter time. Blair wears them in many colors and prints

- Hairstyle: The final touch to get Blair's look is to wear headbands. They are her signature look and they come in all colors and materials from romantic bows & lace to chic colors and designs.

- Trousers:And if you really cannot be without trousers & pants in your wardrobe, here are some ideas how to wear them and remain ladylike. Don't forget that denim is not an option for B.


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  5. Great post! I love Blair :)

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  6. Lovely post,
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  7. I watched Gossip girl, just cus of her is perfect!!

  8. I adore her! Her style is amazing! :)

  9. wow! great style! she, or should i say Blair, has a lot of clothing that is very similar to my style. i like to dress modestly, and i could wear more than half of these outfits! i'm starting to see young Hollywood dressing more conservatively as well. do you like the new conservative style?

    OH! and i just realized my friend looks like Leighton Meister! it's so weird that i didn't notice it before.

  10. Perfection , even though this is not a style I will ever stick too, I love the casual, sexy Serena style more!!!

  11. I love her style! Perfection :)


  13. I love all of Blair's outfits throughout Gossip Girl but I must say that her Audrey Hepburn look is gorgeous. She executes the look without any fail. These outfits would go so well in my Gossip Girl collection on SocialBliss!

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