Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj: The New Real Life Barbie

Calling herself Harajuku Barbie, she certainly leaves impression on everyone.

Her eccentric fashion style probably started as Marketing trick to draw attention to her raising career but very fast Nicki managed to evolve from "freak" (how many described her style) to Fashionista, and someone even naming today as fashion icon.

If there's one word we would have to describe her fashion, it would be "BOLD".  Not afraid to experiment, enjoying the way her body is, and not listening to the critics. Even you can hardly imagine yourself going out in the street dressed like NM , there are few amazing advice many should take from Nicki in creating personal style.

Nicki Minaj 2009

She is a big fan of jumpsuits, always glamming them up with colors and accessorizes.  Nicki shows self-confidence proudly wearing her curves but most importantly feeling good in her body .
#Tip No matter how you are, learn to feel good about yourself, stop looking for role models you'd like to be like, but become your own. 

Tip #2 EXPERIMENT - Don't be afraid to try new things. Mistakes are good if you learn from them and evolve, much better than staying still not happy about your style.

 #3 WIGS - She's known for having numerous wigs, in all colors and styles , taking expression that hair is woman's greatest accessory to whole new level. From calm black for natural look to cray green, multi-colored and even printed ones.
 #4 MAKE UP - Although for her videos and performances she uses quite extreme looks, for daily wear and personal life her make up is quite feminine with eye-liner, pinky blush & lipsticks , very lady-like .
Nicki's signature - extreme long eyelashes to make eyes look bigger and most accented part.

Tip #5 - COLORS - She's wearing everything, combining in every possible way and enjoying it. From formal black-total look to extreme color blocking as for her colors are not only for summer.
Try learning which colors complement your skin & personality and don't be afraid to wear them combined.


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