Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Makeup Trend: Metallic Eyes

This spring will be all about metallics on eyes and nudes on lips. Metallic eyes were one of the biggest trends on fall/winter catwalks, and this makeup tendency continues to live both on catwalks and streets. Be it simple or smokey; gold, silver, bronze or even blue, metallic eyes is the best makeup for celebrating festive nights or for day looks, but in a simpler, calmer version.

Brown eyes: Brown eyed girls are really lucky since they can experiment with all kinds of colors and makeup looks. The best colors for accenting your eyes are deep shades of brown, plum, blue, gold, purple, and intense green. Use shades darker than your eye color for making a dramatic look and shades that are lighter than your eye color for creating a subtle, day look.

Mixing white/nude with shades of brown will give your eyes amazing depth

Blue eyes: When selecting makeup colors, consider the effect you want to achieve . Teal, turquoise and even pink eye-shadows will emphasize blue eyes and make them look bigger, while khaki, camel and champagne work well for a more natural look. Metallic smokey makeup is the best choice for evenings. If you want to create an intense contrast choose gray or lavender smokey palettes for a night look.

Green eyes: For bringing out green eyes that have a touch of brown and hazel, pick warm colors such as deep purples, gold, peach, apricot and pink shades. If you have intensive light green eyes, you are allowed to use all shades of green, going from lighter colors on the top to darker, forest greens to your eyelids. For making your eyes visually bigger use exactly the same shade of green as your eye color and apply 2 or more layers of mascara.


  1. It's wonderfull how much pink shades match with green eyes!

  2. Ik heb groen-grijze ogen, dus bedankt voor de tips! er staan heel mooie looks bij, al durf ik meestal niet met zoveel kleur te werken!

  3. every eye-make-up look literally amazing! love the sparkle elements :))
    great post and gorgeous inspirations!



  4. gorgeous, I'm in love! I've got blue eyes, pink shadows are my fav here :)

  5. wow absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow colors!!

    check out my blog...just starting out :)


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    Its a competition Im 2nd and i want to win so much!!!!!

  7. Beautiful colors :))


  8. Hey, i see my eye up there :D! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=240884765938470&set=a.232264526800494.77442.167122826647998&type=3&theater
    Great post and gorgeous makeup looks! Glad to be among them! <3


  9. Here is a great Step by Step Metallic Eyes Tutorial, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7yc6drTFvk&feature=plcp


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