Monday, February 13, 2012

Style Report: Grammy Awards 2012

All the major celebrities migrated to one place today : the 2012 Grammys. It was a night of glitz and glam as usually, some girls showed a lady attitude, and some of them showed too much skin for such an event.

Many celebs wore glittery gowns, so we couldn't miss spotting the latest celebrity trend: sequins all over!

Our favorites were Katy Perry in Elie Saab Haute Couture, Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia lace dress and Rihanna in Armani, while Fergie didn't choose quite right gown for a gala evening. Nicki Minaj shocked us once again with her red hooded Versace gown. Summa summarum: this year's Grammy was a night when the good taste was overcomed by the bad one.

See who caught our attention with fashion disasters and who was the star of the evening.

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia 

Katty Perry seriously amazed us with two perfect outfits: a cotton-candy blue Elie Saab and a gold embellished Gucci gown. Even her blue hair matched the combo, so we're free to say that these looks were among the best ones in her whole career.
Tanned Katy Perry in an absolutely perfect Elie Saab gown. 

We're used to seeing Rihanna in vivid color dresses but she made an exception and proved that black looks good on her, too. She was wearing a backless Giorgio Armani gown with a deep plunge, paired with metallic accessories: a clutch and a cuff.

Rihanna in Armani
Kate Beckinsale was a stunner. Nude silky chiffon dress, black pumps, tonned legs: perfect! 
Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad
Alicia Keys
Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

Eccentric singer Jessie J shocked us with, well, not being shocking at all. She wore Julie MacDonald's mirror gown with all-black accessories. The mermaid shape accentuates her curves, while smokey eyes and nude lips is just a great makeup look to complete the ensemble.
Jessie J in Julien MacDonald

The famous heiress Paris Hilton surprised us in a good way. She chose a white and gold grecian dress from Basil Soda and matched it with a massive ring.
Paris Hilton in Basil Soda
Giuliana Rancic
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferretti

We know that less is more when it comes to fashion, but Fergie literally understood that saying. We love Gaultier, and we love lace, but showing off your granny panties on a glamorous event makes us wanna call the fashion police. It's Grammy, Ferg, not granny!
Nicki Minaj was about to go on a masquerade as a Little Red Riding Hood, but it was a last minute decision to stop by at the Grammys and show her Versace costume.

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier Couture
Nicki Minaj
Adele in Giorgio Armani
It seemed like Grammy awards was just an after-party for Snooki, who was wearing a black & white combination along with a huge bow on her head. Anyway, she looks much better now than in pinkish/leopard/sequined outfits she usually wears. She also looks slim, and was careful with makeup and tan which is the only plus in this look.

Sasha Gradiva wore a stunning powder pink gown which was completely ruined by a bunch of guns. Her makeup was a little bit too much for Grammy's, don't you think? The whole ensemble says "" Yes, I'm a lady but I turn into a Robocop at night." Nah.

Sasha Gradiva
All the ladies had a very neutral make-up, which honestly surprised us as we expected something more wild and outrageous from Katy, Nicki and Jessie. Smokey eyes and extra long lashes still live as the biggest makeup tendency this year, while loose curls and buns were top choice hairstyles for most of them.

Tell us your opinion: who was a hit on 2012 Grammy Awards, and who was a miss? 


  1. I love Fergie, but she was a total fail! Katy P. is good, and I love Guliana Rancic's simpe dress :)

  2. Go, Sasha! Who doesn't love a woman introducing a little militarily comic relief into the somber affair that is this year's Grammys?

  3. Nicky, my nephew says you are not sufficiently Lady Gaga to pull off the Mother Superior costume. I think you are gorgeous.

  4. Carrie Underwood is shining on this picture. She and her dress are baeautiful too.<3 I think Katy is a beautiful women, her face is very nice. I love her style, but I don't like her new, blue hair.(What do you think? I'm interested in):) Kelly and Paris suprised me, because their dresses were moderate. I like the new style of Kelly. Nicki's red dress was interesting, but Fergie, orange lace with black underwear????:O I don't understand her.

  5. I am following this blog for only 2days and I totally Love it! For that reason you got an Award! Ckeck out my Blog:

  6. At first i didnt like rihanna's new look with the blonde hair that is, but from watchin the grammys and lookin at the photo's she looked stunning in her dress!! katy perry looks great too, but that blue hair has to go :/..

  7. I love Katy perrys dress, and Rihanna ofc!
    I think Nicki was dressed really weird :S lol..

  8. I adore Elie Saab, his dresses are just like from another world.. fantasy! :)
    Didn't liked Rihanna. No particular reason, just a little bit boring and impersonal..
    Adele had the most beautiful make up!

  9. katy perry and carrie underwood were the bests. they looked amazing. Rihanna too <3
    the one that i didn't like was nicki minaj. she looked like a ghost lol :))

  10. Katy Perry was nice but I dont get it, why doesn't she just get over the blue hair? It can ruin everything... Also Fergie is just ridiculous with that dress...


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