Thursday, February 9, 2012

Must Have Item - Dama Handbags Crystal Clutch

There are few items that go under category "Wardrobe Essentials" and among first of them is this one. 

Having a crystal clutch is a true must. One of the items every girl should invest in having as it will be everlasting piece. No matter how many transitions your style will pass through, crystal clutch will fit into every. 

Dama Handbags Crystal clutches are made of genuine crystals, elegant and available in several designs perfectly adjusting to every style. High quality production and genuine crystals will last for many many years with only occasional cleaning. 

Andy1 Multi  

 Andy1 Multi is perfect for modern chic girls wearing it on Saturday night out on dress or on jeans it will match any pumps thanks to vibrant colors.

AndyO Red for boho-chic & romantic soul. Be inspired by hippie style which is very popular last few season and glam it up with this outstanding piece.

AndyO Red

Andre Silver - That's a clutch you can wear on the Gala or on a punky-chic-party outfit. It matches amazing to every style for any age and lasts forever. Making a statement for its owner. 
Andre - silver 

Andy3 Blue for classy girl - the one prefers evening gowns as well as the girl in tight mini dress on platforms its a perfect prom clutch.

We strongly advise you avoiding to "try saving" on cheaper versions of  look-alike-crystals as those clutches will lose their stones sooner than you imagine and the rest of them that stay glued will turn dark and lose shine. Before you get enough of wearing it you will need to buy new one. Being wardrobe essential means that it's one item you should be investing in as it will be your faithful companion through prom, NewYears, Galas, parties and major events in your life. 

Our favorite item for this season are Dama Handbags which come in small series so be sure your item will draw attention wherever you two appear together. 

Andy3 Blue  
Andrea REd/Wht

Andrea Black & White are everlasting pieces. The one your mom will beg you to borrow and even when your daughter one day is old enough this clutch will be still classy. 

Andrea Blk/Wht

At last, check out some celebrities with their crystal clutches and don't forget to check Dama Handbags Collection by clicking HERE

Dama Handbags


  1. Nice blog, I really like these Fashion Bags .

  2. The above shown black and silver crystal clutches is really stunning. Thanks so much for sharing this mind blowing collection.

  3. You have shown a very gorgeous collection of Crystal Clutch Bags in your blog.


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