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Trending 2012 - Hats

For centuries hats are synonymous  of elegance and class. Over the ages they were changing their shapes following cultural and fashion progress but they have never disappeared from the fashion scene and on some royal events they are still part of the dress code. 

Nowdays they are wearable in whole variety of shapes and became on of the items that make statements and draw attention. 

There's a hat for every style you may have. Beside being fashionable they have quite practical uses as protection from sun or cold, to hide your larger nose or forehead  as well as help on the day you rushed out of house without perfect hair or makeup. For small head we suggest avoiding huge hats and choosing 1920's style (see pictures further bellow) .

For 2012 trends are large round soft hats but you'll still look great if you chose smaller ones.

TV Serial Gossip Girl is at the moment the most important "fashion serial" as beside the intrigues, love and friendship it got millions of viewers around the globe thanks to fashion they raised to new level.
If you want to look like your favorite character you cannot be without hat as Blair & Serena are glamming up their looks with hats for every occasion.

Blair is choosing 1920's small hats style due her small head and face while S is wearing pretty much everything from boho style to big round beach hats.

B's favorite shape is 1920's inspired 

We all know the critics Kardashians go under due their "supposedly lack of talents" but one thing nobody can question. Kim & Kourtney know fashion and they both know the importance of hats.
Kourtney again choses smaller ones because of smaller head while Kim thanks to her perfect face and hair is wearing bigger and in different styles.

Among celebrities who love to wear hats is also JLO who prefers romantic hat styles.

Summer hats will protect you from sun, and give final touch to your outfits.

Vanessa Hudgens 

Royal wedding hats - Is there anyone who haven't seen the wedding of Duchess of Cambridge & Prince William? As hats were mandatory dress code we really enjoyed this amazing hats show from the classical to modern shapes and they were all breathtaking.

Tara Palmer

Our favorite hats of Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Autumn/Winter hats will protect you & your hair from cold weather .



    1. Hi Sarooka,
      I can give you a couple of tips. When you shop for hats go to a milliner who can give you some guidance on what looks best on you and how to wear it. Department stores often have a great selection but no staff who can give that guidance.
      If you do have to work it out for yourself then here are 3 useful tips
      1. Tilt the hat forward on your head over the right eye (most hats look better like this)
      2. Stand in front of a full length mirror to assess your look in a hat, ideally get a second mirror to see the back as well.
      3. If you are not too confident in a hat start with some of the really cool casual summer or winter hats similar to a lot you see in this blog entry.
      Most importantly.... enjoy wearing the hats and the compliments they will inevitably bring you.

  2. Great pictures, I love heats, especialy summer ones. ;)

  3. Hey I'm from Brazil, and I loved your blog, I'll follow him always, I also have a fashion blog, makeup tips and more:

  4. I really like your blog..nice posts with amazing photos:) definitely a follower!:)

  5. great blog i really enjoy reading it...i have a question...i just adore hats but the problem is that i have veeeery curly can i find the hat that fits?

  6. Beautiful pics!

  7. Reading out this post feels like it was written 2day and for me, I just brought me an hat at this Bazaar here in Berlin!
    Lovely pictures....

  8. Love love love hats <3

  9. WOW! super beautiful fedora hats they are so fashionable and I really wanted to try this in our country not only for beaches but also for any occasions.

  10. WOW! super beautiful fedora hats they are so fashionable and I really wanted to try this in our country not only for beaches but also for any occasions.


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