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Look Like A Victoria's Secret Model: Their Fitness Plan is Finally Revealed!

These 5 images are just a hint of what we can expect on December 2nd: Sexy tonned bodies wearing nothing but sets of to-die-for wings, sexier than ever Victoria's Secret lingerie and some uber-stylish high heels. Everyone can afford some seductive lingerie and cool stilettos, but for a body like this you have to work hard and have a proper nutrition.  So, here are their secrets for keeping their bodies always in shape.

Candice Swanepoel
This beautiful South African bombshell says that her workout routine leading up to the show changes every year.
"As a young woman, you take for granted that staying in shape and lean is easy, but then you become a woman with responsibilities! I get a huge amount of enjoyment from participating in dancing, Zumba, Pilates, ballet, swimming in the ocean, and the occasional aerobics classes."

She also states that her workouts vary, but each one with her personal trainer concentrates on developing more strength, mobility, stability, flexibility,movement, motion, and a body that takes her down the runway looking her best. You gotta be strong to carry those wings down the runway.
"(I do) boxing, yoga, Pilates, toning, shaping, cardio, and other type of exercise my trainer comes up with. We are never bored! When we work out, we focus on the full body, and being strong from top to bottom. Obviously, kicking a trainer's butt with some boxing gloves makes any woman's day!

When it comes to her diet, this blue-eyed VS Angel says that she doesn't cut anything out. "I actually focus on eating more protein and carbs to build a stronger body. I have a protein shake every day. Most people don't want to believe it, but I probably eat more than a man does!"
She also states that the most fun part of getting ready for the show surely is treating it like a project and seeing how far she can push herself in that time, seeing her body change and get stronger. The best part about training for the show is , she says, "the amount of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears you put into something you always dreamed of doing"

Erin Heatherton
So, what is her workout routine leading up to the show?
Erin says: "I try to stay more consistent with my workouts and make them a priority- switching up Ballet Beautiful classes, yoga, running and training sessions. A month before the show I start to really kick into gear: three days on, one day off."
She withholds from having desserts or sweets during the few weeks leading up to the show. Erin says it's the hardest part of preparing for the VS show as she loves trying new restaurants and have fun eating.

The most fun part for this blonde temptress is "Envisioning the excitement of walking down the runway and feeling amazing." She relies on coconut water and Juice Press Gravity juice as a recovery drink.

Lais Ribeiro

Brazilian ebony model states that she watches her diet and tries to stay in shape all year, so for her it's not about starting a new program, but about keeping up with the usual one.
"I love Muay Thai. I don't get bored and feel strong and confident when I am done. I always like working out with a friend. It helps with motivation."
Just like her co-worker Erin Heatherton, she likes coconut water as a recover drink.

For Lais, the hardest part of getting ready is ignoring the nerves: "They start to build up a few weeks before the show." As for the most fun part, she says: "Victoria's Secret is like a family now. Everyone works so hard leading up to the big day. When we are all finally together putting on the outfits, you can't help but have fun"

Lily Aldridge

Lily is a huge fan of Ballet Beautiful. "I do a lot of Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers all year long and do an extra day a week leading up to the show. I love doing the bridge series;it's great for the whole body."'I workout five to six days a week;it's important to take a day off and relax"
As she gets closer to the date, she lengthens her workouts to an hour and a half.This beauty considers mat workout as the most effective.
"We do a lot of inner and outer thigh on the mat. It's incredible how long and lean it makes your legs."

Regarding the nutrition, Lily states:"The week before I try to avoid supersalty foods. I'm addicted to roasted chicken and sweet potatoes, which I snack on backstage."
The hardest thing about getting ready for this sexy mom?
"I have so much fun getting ready for the show, but I try to work out when my daughter is asleep, so I have to wake up super early to get a workout in."

Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine's beau states that she eats a more protein-heavy diet and works out daily. She starts to prepare one month in advance. When it comes to her favorite workout routine, Behati loves kickboxing and pilates and she works out every single day. The hardest part of getting ready for this goofy model is the mental preparation, while about the most fun part she says: "(It's) the results! Watching all of the hard work together and being part of such an incredible show"

What do you think? Is all of this just good genes and working out, or there's more, e.g. different aesthetic treatments for losing weight and tonning the body?

credits: Vogue, Splash, Victoria's Secret

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