Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cristallini - Luxurious Dresses For A Perfect Night Out

 Since I needed a luxurious head turning dress for my friend's wedding, I did a little googling for a perfect formal gown that won't cost me a fortune so I discovered a brand named Cristallini and placed my order.  As I received my dress, I immediately fell in love with the perfect cut, luxe texture, pretty little details and most importantly how I look in it, so I wanted to order more of these feminine, chic, Swarovski embroidered dresses for all the upcoming formal events in the season of weddings. 
What I love the most about my two Cristallini dresses is that every time I put one of them on, I feel like a Hollywood star, it gives me self-confidence to conquer the world, and that's a priceless feeling!
They recently launched their new collection and made me put one of their dresses on my wishlist over again!
I have no idea when and where I'm going to wear it but my motto is "If you think about something all the time, buy it!"
New collection 's lace embroidered dress with sequined embellishments is to die for!

A long V-neck gown with sparkling 3D sequins will turn any Plain Jane into a femme fatale

Shortly after birth of Cristallini brand, it became favored among celebrities and stylish bloggers, and a symbol for style, elegance, glamour and femininity.  Elegant gowns, refined and sophisticated cocktail dresses or luxurious bridal designs, Cristallini is a brand suited for all ages and tastes. Their gifted designers make sure that they bring a sparkly taste in all their creations by adding a touch of elegance and a dash of cleverness, succeeding in the end to highlight the feminine shapes of a woman silhouette.
So, what's their secret recipe? 
Chantilly lace manufactured in France by the famous company Jean Bracq, fine lace manufactured by Marco Lagattolla from Milano, Swarovski crystal buttons, hand sewn embroidery embellishments, decorative flowers, swan feathers, radiant beads, three dimensional sequins and eye-catching rhinestones. Refined luxury all the way!

Some of my favorites include gorgeous chiffon gowns, seductive lace embellished dresses and of course a sophisticated high slit dress with ostrich feathers which is a huge trend this season! The best of my whole Cristallini experience is that I got 15% discount on my first order so I saved up while getting myself a perfect dress

For ladies who like to show off their legs as a product of hard work in the gym, Cristallini offers short dresses for cocktail parties. All of their designs are worth every penny as they're made of the most luxurious fabrics&details and are showstoppers even among famous designer red carpet gowns.
Designed for events like cocktail parties, red carpet moments, weddings, fashionable and glamorous events, Cristallini dresses are designed to create unforgettable experiences and moments in your life.

The only downside is in my opinion a bit narrower selection of colors when it comes to cocktail dresses. I would like to see some pastels, sapphire, always luxuriously looking emerald color, burgundy, for those nights when you don't want to wear your little black dress. 

You can also find Cristallini on Facebook for latest news and Instagram as well.

What are your opinions? Which Cristallini dress is your favorite? 


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  2. Hey loved it. Brooks Brother India have dresses in the similar lines. Elegant. Many thanks once again :D


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