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Perfect Outfit Ideas For Holiday Season

On festive seasons, you're probably attending so many parties and holiday gatherings but, like most of us women, just can't pick a perfect outfit or "have nothing to wear" despite a full closet. In case you're out of ideas, we're here to help with some suggestions.

Deep V Neck Dress is probably the sexiest solution for a New Year's Eve if you're attending a black tie event. Low low cut dresses are always turning heads, but you have to be very careful with a bra. Go for deep plunge bras, breast lift tapes or simply tap your breast to prevent them from "popping out".

Backless Dress is always a good choice when you want to look sophisticated yet provocative. There's nothing sexier or more sensual than a woman's bare back. You can find some tips and inspirations how to wear a backless dress here.

Beads seem to be a huge trend this season. They are everywhere: on jackets, dresses, skirts and even pants! The sparkle from the beading is enough so don't overdo your jewelry. A pair of simple earrings or a cocktail ring that matches beads on your dress/skirt is just the right amount of accessories. Your stilettos should be plain, choose nude or black ones without any embellishments.

When it comes to beaded skirts, the best way to wear them is with a white or transparent blouse, or a plain tee/tank top. Throw  on a simplified blazer or a coat in neutral color and you're ready for a perfect eve!

In regards to beaded items, our absolute favorite would definitely be Balmain. Yes, their bead embellished items can be quite pricey, but they're worth every penny: body flattering cuts, perfectly combined colors and oh-so-luxurious fabrics. Need we say more?

Lace is my number one choice when I want to look elegant and feminine. It's perfect for any occasion, it gives you that chic polished approach and romantic looks never go out of style. Luckily, you can find many affordable lace dresses all over the web-shops. You certainly shouldn't spend a fortune on a gown you will be wearing twice a year. Instead, splurge on a good quality pair (or two) of stilettos that will be your faithful company for both casual and dressy looks. 

What's New Year's Eve without sequins? Seriously, every New Year's party is full of women covered in these little sparkly things, either in a form of makeup or a sizzling outfit. Don't be intimidated to be all sequined for that one night, even if you don't wear them often. The key to a stylish outfit is to tone down the look with simple heels and proper makeup. Just one sequined item is enough: don't go crazy with them and treat them gently, otherwise you might blind someone. They work well with outerwear in neutral colors, silk or velvet fabrics, and same color accessories or no accessories at all.

Feathers are a massive fashion tendency for a while now, and surely a great option if you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Feathered clothing may look flamboyant, but it certainly makes a huge impact if you wear it properly. Make sure to stick to just one feathery item, such as a dress or a skirt, and keep everything else plain.

Feather skirt is a fun way to work a party look. However, you should be careful what to team it with. Always pick neutral colored tops and outerwear, so you'll avoid looking like Big Bird from Muppet Show. Gold and silver details are allowed, in fact, the whole feathered ensemble looks much better with metallic accessories. You can find more inspirational feather looks here.

Fringes made a remarkable comeback in a big way this year. It all started with Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Mathew Williamson, so now high street brands are literally competing who's going to design a more fresh, fabulous fringe item. Now it only remains a question: how to wear fringe like a cool girl, not a cowgirl? It's not so hard if you follow some simple rules. First of all, keep it simple. Your fringe item is a statement enough, so wear just one at a time. You'll notice that even Kim Kardashian, who can pull off just anything with Kanye as a stylist, sticks to only one color, and it's usually black. Mixing and matching, playing with colors and fabrics isn't allowed in this case if you don't want to overemphasize your fringe look. Pastels, black and white are the only options.

Serena perfectly knows how to wear fringes

Crop Tops are very versatile and easy to pull off. Plus, they look good on anyone if matched with a right skirt or trousers. They should be high waisted so your belly button won't be exposed. The less midriff is shown, the better. Crop tops look insaaanely good with pencil skirts, they are an amazing choice for non-dressy occasions such as nights at the club, and also, they look abnormally sexy.

, t

Cut Out Dress , done right, can look cute and sassy. On the other hand, there's a possibility to look racy in it. To avoid fashion disasters, make sure the dress is longer and you don't show way too much skin. If you opt out for a short dress, stick to smaller displays of skin. In that case, cleavage is big fashion no! The most important rule is that you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, and of course that it's not too tight or too loose. Nobody wants to see a woman who constantly pulls her dress in order to cover her private parts. Of course, duct tapes are a must.

Leather is often connected with rebelliousness and a bit of masculine vibe, but with right outfit it can look rather sexy, elegant, with just a bit of edge. There are a few tips on how to wear leather and look feminine, seductive and even dressy. 
Only wear leather items suited for your body type. Because it's form-fitting, every possible flaw will be visible.
Wear just one leather item at a time, possibly two. To avoid looking like a Batman, pick some interesting fabrics to match them with your leather item of choice. Fortunately, as it's a statement itself, it looks spectacular with every possible fabric: lace, tulle, cotton, rayon, chiffon, velvet and even wool! You have plenty options.
Accessorize. As a wardrobe staple and a very versatile fabric, it allows you to add different kinds of accessories to your outfit.

Famous Little Black Dress has had a little alteration this year with a hint of gold details on it. Forget about classic black dresses, according to the world's biggest designers, the new version of LBD is much more fun, has gold embroidery, tribals, leaf prints, metal details and is certainly the latest trend growing as we speak! So why not give it a try? 


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