Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Style To Admire: Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera, Australian Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, is also a celebrity stylist, street style icon and a great fashion mind behind Kanye West's new clothing line. This pretty Aussie has it all: a job millions would kill for, amazing style and the enviable collection of shoes. Often dressed in Hermes, Burberry, Celine and the rest of high class brand names, but at the same time wearing them in her own uncopiable way with a futuristic touch, she leaves us speechless with every appearance.

Phoebe Philo for Celine jacket, Louis Vuitton scarf and Hermes Rivale bracelet

She is unfairly put on the sidelines of fashion scene while much less stylish people dictate what's in & what's out.
This outfit made her world-famous 
Christine often wears her boyfriend Josh Goot's designs

Christine is not intimidated by matching oversized clothes with statement shoes. It's the opposite - she is in the minority of people who can pull it off! We can often see her in bold outfits: strong shoulder blazers, baroque style, peplum, lace... Controversal see-through fabrics actually look expensive on her which is, you'll agree, a characteristic of perfect style and also a reason to admire her even more.

Balmain strong shoulder blazer + simple denim shorts = perfection!

No one wears Celine pajama pants like this girl!

Christine understands the importance of leather pants: she's wearing them very often as a wardrobe essential, usually matched with fur outerwear and super high heels for ultimate glam outfits, while messy hair and slightly baggy items give her that effortless and fun but very chic look.

Although some might find her outfits "too brave" or even "too much", Christine likes to keep it simple with basic colors in her wardrobe: black, white, nude and gray. To prevent from looking plain, she spices up her outfits with huge designer sunglasses, statement jewelry and lots of studs. Her not-so-humble collection of Louboutin, Zanotti, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant shoes shows us that good footwear is the key when choosing an outfit.

All-black outfit wisely embellished with Isabel Marant Reilly jacket 

recognizable Louboutins as a final touch to Christine's sheer all-black outfit.
Christine, take me shopping ASAP!
Isabel Marant studded boots
Nina Ricci
Christine wore these Kanye West shoes way before Kim. Talking 'bout style icons?

 Do you like her style and if yes, which Christine's outfit do you like most?


  1. such amazing looks! I'm speechless!

  2. Killers outfits. Love every single one. Thank's for great post!!!!!!

  3. Love all clothes ! <3 I'm in heaven !

  4. Love the Nina Ricci black shoes! But not a fan of wearing fur coats with sandals.... It looks great in pictures but it promotes unrealistic-ness... Who could actually go out like that in the street at 0 degrees?

    1. Actually in France and many more countries sandals are worn in all seasons including combinations of fur-coats & sandals on subzero ;)
      It's only a matter of habit and cultural differences :)

  5. wow!!!! she has really awesome style!!

  6. Unos Looks espectaculares me encantaron todos,Bs Guapa...
    me quedo con el quinto look los botines son espectaculares..

  7. love it ,

  8. love it!!!

  9. I love all of the styles !!! amazing taste!

    xoxo Keke

  10. She is such an inspiration, we love the way she mix styles!

  11. Thank you for featuring her. I love her style and she always always has the most amazing shoes.

  12. I love her Josh Good's designed dress!! But my favourite is the black lacy dress in the 9th picture, who designed it ?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Loved the shoes in each. For some reason shoes can make or break an outfit for me!

  15. Didnt know her until this post!
    She is just gorgeous!
    sucn an inspiration!


  16. she is the best! even from Anna, Carine and Emmanuelle

  17. She is absolutely stunning! And I am now obsessed with her style! I am going to add these looks to a collection on!

  18. Love her style!! And I love how she styled the Celine pajama pants, they look so chic!!


  19. Amazing, blog and you <3 I fallow you

  20. AMAZING !!!!!

  21. sometimes terrible xD but shes look is amaizing!!

  22. indeed..the moment i read your article and browse through her styles..i love her instantly
    effortless classy chic

  23. indeed..i love her instantly the moment i read your article and browse through her styles


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