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Camel Coat - A Must-Have Outerwear Item & How To Wear It

Ever since the iconic and most-copied Max Mara coat 101801 was first designed in 1981, it became a synonym for style and sophistication, as well as a symbol of the brand, something like Birkin or Kelly is to Hermes. A camel coat is now a timeless wardrobe staple and at the same time a must-have trend that is being repeatedly presented by every huge fashion designer. If you're looking for one outerwear item for this winter that you'll be wearing with both dressy outfits and casual looks, you should definitely consider getting yourself a classic camel coat - we guarantee you'll fall in love and wear it forever! It's a great investment piece if you're a fashionista on a budget, want to look classy on every occasion and need an essential item for your winter wardrobe. A simple warm coat in this goes-with-everything shade will add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits. 

Celebrities and fashion bloggers around the world are welcoming cold weather with warm and cozy camel coats for a few years now. From Karl Lagerfeld's muse Cara Delevingne, over Beyonce, to Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss, everyone who is anyone in the fashion industry have been seen rocking a camel coat from day to night, even if, in a few places,weather is clearly not that cold for a thick coat. That fact says it all. The color itself makes everything look more expensive, it's the best solution if your style is minimalist, it's iconic as a Chanel 2.55 Flap bag and probably the softest, most stylish outerwear ever.  
Need more reasons to buy a camel coat? We will convince you with pictures.

Our absolute favorite camel coat look 

How to wear it?

Since a camel coat is the most versatile item you'll ever own, there are no strict rules you should stick to. As soon as you find your perfect camel coat, it will tempt
you into mixing and matching it with different patterns and styles, combining with different colors and discovering whole new ways to wear your favorite garment. Match different shades of camel and beige in one outfit to keep the look upgraded, or keep it simple with black and white.

Leather details make every camel coat outfit look a bit more effortless and edgy, even if they're in a form of coat embellishments only. Score some bonus points by matching your coat with leather pants or a skirt - two major trends in one look!

Trainers + camel coat = why not? Give your classic coat a style update with some trainers and a whole lotta attitude for a sports luxe approach. We've never been able to imagine one look with two items so much different, up until someone came up this trend, so the new streetstyle in fashion capitals is all about matching the unmatchable and mixing the unmixable! Try it out, maybe you'll fall in love with this new trend and never wear your classic coat the same way again. Fashion is all about breaking the boundaries and applying trends into your personal style, keep that in mind.
If trainers are a bit "too much" for you, try the same combo with oxfords, which appear to be a huge trend this fall too.

 Pastel colors have always been a perfect subtle companion to your camel coat. They take the heavy edge off the whole outfit and make you look dainty and delicate.

A pop of color will give the authenticity to your camel coat look and make you stand out from the crowd. That way you can add some originality and a hint of your signature style to a classic look. Red and animal print look really good matched with hues of beige and camel, and if you want to make a statement, opt out for orange or fuchsia details. 
Get extra style points with a stylish fedora/floppy hat matched with your camel coat. These two were made to be worn together, seriously!

If you're wondering: Which model of a camel coat should I invest in this season?", we strongly recommend full length overcoats or at least below the knee ones. The bigger - the better! In this case "more is more". Classic and simple shaped thick coats without much embellishments are the best option if you want to keep yourself warm and your outfit calm. Take Lena Perminova or Kim Kardashian as an example - an oversized camel coat is the perfect outerwear when you don't want to look "too dressed up".

A pair of jeans is the best choice for a casual day out whether you want to achieve that effortless chic look or you're just too lazy to think of a new way to wear your favorite piece of outerwear. Boyfriend jeans, cropped, ripped jeans or a pair skinny ones - the choice is all yours! Make a contrast with light denim and a plain white T shirt or choose neutrals like brown, black, beige and gray for a toned down outfit. 

Supermodel Irina Shayk looks unrecognizable yet chic with her outfit well dressed down

The best thing about this wardrobe staple is that you can wear it in occasions that require a super elegant look. A simple camel coat is the perfect substitute for an elegant fur coat, and in my opinion, it looks way better than faux fur, especially when matched with crop tops,skirts,uber elegant dresses.. Once again, over the knee boots have proven themselves as a perfect partner to a camel coat when it comes to ultimate class and sophistication. 
We'll let the pictures assure you what your next purchase should be.

Gain some kudos by draping a camel coat over your shoulder for a nonchalant yet posh look. It makes you outfit look richer, not too polished, but at the same time elegant and extremely trendy.
 Try this look and channel your inner fashionista!

What is your opinion on camel coats? Do you already own it or is it on your wishlist? Have some tips? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. 


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