Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

One of the most influential style icons of our time is definitely the Armenian bombshell Kim Kardashian. Hollywood's favorite girl is one of the biggest inspirations to young women around the world because of her always perfect appearances, elegance and femininity. People love her because she brought curves back to fashion, she's voluptuous and proud of that. You probably know that Kim is a former celebrity stylist, it's no wonder that she looks perfect even in ordinary clothes. Kim Kardashian mixes different classic items with extravagant details and expresses glamour and elegance through edgy yet conservative looks. From her sexy mini dresses and amazing gowns, to her admiration of Chanel, Hermes and Louboutin, she is an epitome of a perfect style.

Blazers: If there's anyone who knows how to wear a blazer it's Kim Kardashian. From day looks wearing it with simple T-shirts to night out and glam events, she certainly knows hot to pull it off. Puff sleeve blazers are Kim's favorite, it's actually her who made it a trend! 
"You can dress it up or down, wear it with pants or over a dress—a blazer works with everything." 

Sexy dresses: Kim's flawless appearances often include fabulous skin tight, short dresses. Her ability to look absolutely amazing and ladylike in every single dress brought her on top of  "The best dressed" lists. If you want to steal her look, don't be afraid to wear dresses in vibrant colors: that's her trademark, and she usually wears them with simple nude super high heels.

Evening gowns: For extra glamorous events, Kim likes alluring long dresses that emphasize her bootylicious figure. 
"Being confident and owning your body is sexy. I love to show off my curves and designers like Thatcher, Antonio Berardi, Preen, Altuzarra, Markus Lupfer and Brian Lichtenberg make amazing dresses that fit my body perfectly."

Denim: For casual yet sexy outfits, Kim chooses designer jeans in almost every form and color, and she usually pairs them with blouses, high pumps and the most desired handbags such as Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga etc. It seems like her favorite type is torn cuffed jeans.

Shades of nude: Nude is definitely one of Kim's favorite colors as it's very versatile and can be worn in combination with any color. From beige blazers and scarves to dresses and jumpsuits, she likes to add a touch of nude to every outfit. You may have noticed that her favorite pair of shoes is Louboutin Daffodile in... well, nude!

Sequins: Kim knows how to bring the glitz and glam to every red carpet by wearing sparkling sequin items. Whether it's a dress or a blazer, she's an expert for rocking a sequin embellished outfit. You already know the rule for wearing sequins: keep the rest of your ensemble simple!

Color-blocking: Although color-block is a tricky trend because even the best ones can cross the line between stylish and "too much", Kim Kardashian just can't go wrong with combining the use of two or more blocks of color. If you want to try this trend, you should know an important rule of color-blocking:
The brighter the color, the better. Emerald green, tangerine, turquoise,  lime yellow, royal blue and bright purple are the colors that usually work. Do not color block with dark or pastel colors.

High waist: High waisted skirts and pants are Kim's must-have pieces. They will work for you as your figure looks much slimmer in them, and at the same time they accentuate your curves.
"Don’t be afraid of high-waisted pants! If you’re tall and slender, you’ll look even taller, and if you’re a curvy girl, embrace it, and invest in a cute pair of high-waisted pants this season that emphasize your waist and show off your curves." suggests Kim.

Accessories: Kim is a person who never leaves the house without fashion accessories, she always wears at least a piece of jewelry. For an afternoon walk, she picks sunglasses, bracelets, big watches, scarves, designer bags and so on. For gala events, she glams-up her gorgeous dresses with spectacular earrings and necklaces. 

What's your opinion on Kim's style?


  1. I love Kim!! Excellent post :) Besos!

  2. KIM IS SO BEAUTIFUL (: love her... she's amazing!

  3. I dont like her Shows or her as a person, but she really has a great style! thanks for this post!

  4. Sometimes I love Kim's style, other times I just want to ask her what she's thinking! LOL

  5. The lady's got style <3 love this post!!!

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  7. I love Kim K.
    Nice post!

  8. i really love all those outfit. she really good to mix it up. i use to wear everything that she wear, just i don't wear heels, i replace it with flat shoes.:)

  9. She is gorgeous! I love her style! x

  10. I really don't like her as a person, but her sense of style is amazing, and the way she wears make up is flawless. Love it!

    hugs&Chanel kisses

  11. I think she is a beauty and even I envy her handbag collection. I don't like her style. She comes off as a woman with no class in the tv shoes.

  12. I find her very stylish. She knows how to dress her body type and never (almost never) looks sloppy!

  13. Love her style! Just wrote an article about her too:

  14. i love her fashion sense everi thng looks gud on her.

  15. She's my idol :) Very pretty woman... <3



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  20. ohhh really i have no words for this beautiful lady.amazing blazers style

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  24. From beige blazers and scarves to dresses and jumpsuits, she likes to add a touch ...


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