Sunday, January 22, 2012

Herve Leger Mania

You have probably noticed Hollywood's endless obsession with bandage dresses. The most famous fashion brand for these body-flattering items is doubtlessly a French fashion house Herve Leger. Herve Leger was a huge fashion hit in '80s because it created body-con dresses. Their breathtaking designs are so addictive that you'll never choose another brand once you wear a fabulous Leger dress. If you don't believe us, ask Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Love Hewitt, they have plenty of HL in their closets.

One of the hottest women in the world, Jennifer Lopez, looks stunning in every single Herve Leger dress she owns. As you can see below, a Herve Leger dress can be matched with pumps and lots of glamorous accessories, but you can also wear it with knee boots. There are no fashion rules for what you should and shouldn't wear it with: Herve Leger dresses are elegant and feminine, so you should find some sexy heels and matching accessories.

Blake Lively, the new ''IT'' girl, just loves Herve dresses. On her perfect body, everything looks amazing. Gossip Girl stylists apparently know what's hot these days, so they chose Leger for a couple episodes of the show.

Kim Kardashian knows how to wear these dresses. She is little bit curvy, but she looks perfect in Herve dresses. Kim usually wears her Herve Leger dresses with Christian Louboutin shoes, simple clutches and statement jewelry.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is probably the biggest fan of Herve Leger. She has taken it to the extreme with her love of the bandage dresses. Jennifer has Leger dresses in almost every color and design and they look perfect on her.

Diva Beyonce looks very sexy in Herve dresses. She is brave enough to choose the shortest ones and in her case shorter is better if you have legs like these.

Joanna Krupa, a girl with an amazing body, hair and skin looks like a million dollar bill in these dresses.

Herve Leger dresses are absolutely adored among fashion circles. Women like to wear them as they amazingly accentuate the figure, men like to watch their ladies in Leger. For a dress like one of these, we need not only a good body shape, but also self-confidence and a lady attitude. Herve Leger dress on a female body represents a reflection of power, luxury and self-esteem.

Remember that you don't need 90-60-90 dimensions to wear bandage dresses, what you need is courage, a touch of suntan and satisfaction when you look in the mirror. That's something money can't buy: with self-assurance you can pull off every bold design and look like a million dollar girl.

How to wear it:
Herve dresses are very ladylike and glamourous. You don't need a lot of jewerly and details to look perfect in them. Less is more. You can wear them in casual combinations, on a gala evening, at parties, everywhere.
Be glamourous, be sexy, be perfectly chic in an amazing Herve dress.


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  2. I love Herve Leger dresses !
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  3. Bandage dress is sexy but you need to be curvy in order to look good in them.

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  6. Wow.. beautiful dresses!! I don't think I can choose my favorite. It's really interesting to see the bandage dresses on different bodies too. I love how they are so flattering no matter the body type.

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