Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trending : 10 Must Have Items For Spring

Ladies, spring has arrived. For sure, this year season is the best to show your good fashion moves. Lovely, bright colors matched with high heels, clutch, earrings, makeup...Show the world your good mood on fashion. Take a look at 10 must-have spring pieces and feel confident wearing them.

1.Nude blouse
  Nude blouse is a must have item every single season, but when it comes to spring you can match it with everything you want. It goes really good with same colored heels and flower pants, as much as it goes with jeans and black heels. It's on you, but for sure you must have this item in your wardrobe.

2.Floral pants
  These days you should be brave when you choose stuffs that you're gonna wear. We suggest you to wear flower pants in every single colour and design. They are good to mach with everything, even with same printed shirt, t-shirt. Have some fun with flowers.

3.Casual  flats
These ones are always in, exceptionally this spring. You should wear them with maxi skirts and some crazy shirts. Match them with same colored bag and some jewelry colored in neon.

4.Bright-colored bags
Color- block trend isn't just about dresses, skirts, shirts, pants. It's also about wearing striking accessories. From earring, necklace to shoes and bags. Especially last ones. Match them with other colored shoes, same colored dresses, it doesn't matter.

5.Simple, one-colored coats
Don't  you just love spring coats which you can wear everywhere,  match with everything, wear even with the most elegant items same as with daily combinations. In every single colour, with every single dress... enjoy them.

Available at Romwe

6.Breezy skirts
This whole obsession with lovely, casual and breezy skirts has started last spring season when some designers put them on their runway shows. Now, every girl should own at least one. Match it with tinny belt and some nude or white shirt. It doesn't matter if you wear heels or flat shoes.

7.Large, conspicuous earring
You should where them with  black dress or some one-colored combinations. They are enough effect and you don't need anything else witch is bright colored..

 And Prada ones..

8.Cuff braclet
This amazing jewelry is just breathtaking in every combinations. You can't make a mistake with it. Lot of other jewelry, other colored stuffs, dresses, heels, it doesn't matter. If you wear them with some amazing blazer and jeans, it would look really nice and trendy, but that doesn't  mean that it wouldn't be cool with any other choice.

9.Statement necklace
With this jewelry you should be careful. You can wear this necklace just with top dress or other colored shirt and blazer. Dress should be topped, and shirt should be really good to match with this amazing necklace. It's interesting that you have to wear necklace right to your neck.

10.Neon dress
These dresses have became popular after JLo wore them on red carpet events. Girls all around world were stunned when they saw them. Most of these dresses are in fluo pink and green. You can match them with everything you want and you should be brave to show to the world your taste.

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  1. Love all these items! If only I was rich ;)

  2. I love it all! Bright colors bags the most :)

  3. Nice post! I have to get bright color clutch :)

  4. Love it!
    Also, check out my blog for the best food n fashion
    thanks :)

  5. I couldn't agree more for apsolutely everything! <3

  6. Great choices and love them all!!!

  7. There is nothing like statement jewellery or a nice bag to complete a look...nice article


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