Monday, April 9, 2012

Trending - Color Block

Dear Fashion addicts,
Have you been conquered by the colors? We sure are since last year, and to our great pleasure, color blocking continues in 2012 at whole new level.

This amazing trend allows everyone to be an artist expressing themselves through colors. Everything's allowed, from extreme neon blocking to pastels for those who prefer mild.
If you are not into total-look, you can block the accessory. Matching shoes+bag now have new meaning and it is: "Color them boldly" .

*Tip Don't rush with unknown. If you are not experienced with color blocking, start with colors you feel comfortable with. Total look can be really "walking on the edge" and to avoid risk of fashion
crime for start block your accessories, or buy an item of two (blazer or pants suggested). This is about wearing your existing clothes in new way, not buying all new ones. 

Personally favorite style this spring, Pastel-Color-Blocking as it combines my favorite trends. The essence of this trend is in combining all colors, not only neon or sharp ones. It's a true art of  painting your look.

Although the most popular "blocks" are in pink, turquoise, orange and yellow, you can find plenty of inspiration with other colors blocking each item you wear or just a single one.

Celebrities around the world embraced colors and many of them inspiration founded in Gucci SS2011.

Block your look with creative accessories for final touch. 


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