Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Makeup ideas in New Year's eve

Dear Fashionistas, New Year is almost here. Guess you are already planning your "craziest night outfit" so here are few of my personal tips.

I suggest not to experiment your makeup on 31st Dec. Just looking at some photo you like doesn't mean same makeup will look good on you. ;) It's time to try it out these days and see how you feel with it.
If you are wearing sequined outfit - sequined make up might just be too much and in that case I suggest you go for more calmed natural eye makeup and depending of the taste you can spice it up with red/pink lipstick. (same is for neon & multiple colored outfit)
Smokey eyes are always good choice if you are having doubts and your regular clubbing makeup will do just fine as well. To make it festive spirit, just add some detail in hair or crazy nail art if you are person who doesn't go for extreme look.

Pinky cheeks&lips will make you look fresh even after hours of partying

Smokey eyes can never be mistake. Combine it with nude lipstick and you can wear any outfit
Neon colors will go great with any eye-color (not suggested combined with neon outfit)
Cat-eyes & red lipstick for very sexy look
Natural look for girls who don't like extreme but also for those who will wear very  attractive  outfits . Natural look will point out your clothes while you will look fresh
Colors of fire will look great in New Year's eve
Sparkling eye makeup is perfect for New Year
Eclectic colors for fabulous look - perfect for darker eyes

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